Wednesday, September 19, 2007

finally... a new addition!

Ok, so I must admit... I have hit an inspiration drought. It seems like the past week I have really enjoyed my time away from the computer. I have started 6 different pieces of work... and cant seem to get them just the way I like them.

Well, this print "te amo" (which means i love you in spanish) is finally just the way I like it. I have done a few different color variations, but I think I like this one the best. :) For those wondering, there is an actual El Caporal. And let me tell you, they make the best mexican food! If you have one in your area I urge you to try the colorado burrito. It is so good. :)

Well, with that... I need to leave you with a very short post... and get started on dinner for my family! Although, I would much rather pick me up a burrito!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Harvesting Tomatoes...

I grew a ton of tomatoes hoping to make salsa. Well, today mom came over and we picked all of the ripe ones. I had no idea I had so many! It was a pleasant surprise though. The top right picture is Roma tomatoes, and those all came from the same plant. I have not hardly done anything to these at all. I am most definitly giving the credit to the peat moss I mixed in with the soil. I also did raised beds, and I hear that really helps the plants. :)
Next week we plan to make the salsa. If you have a great recipe, I would love a link! I have one I have been planning to try, but I am most certainly still open for suggestions. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Here is my newest addition to my etsy store. The doll was made by projectgrabbag, and is part of our collaboration together. She made me 2 dolls, 2 pirates, and 2 mushrooms to photograph, draw etc... This is Keiko, the other one you have seen in my art is named Emma. :)

I am getting to keep one of the dolls, and we werent sure which one it was going to be... but I think Trin decided for us. She has gotten attached to her first doll ever... and it is this one. Keiko. :) She has been changing her diaper, and begging to take her shopping with us. :) I finally caved, and let her take her to Home Depot. She got to be buckled in, so I figured she was safe. :)

I printed and hung this print on her wall, it looks so good against her pink walls. I definitly plan to do a matching companion print using Keiko. :) I think I already know JUST what I will do! But, you will have to wait to see! ;) Have a great thursday everyone!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shadow's new crush...

I know I already posted once today, but I really wanted to post this today. Besides, I missed a few days, and really need to make up for it!! :)
So, this is our kitty Shadow's new crush... It would appear as though the feelings are mutual. I suppose we will have to see, I can only imagine the marriage counseling they would need... :)

New furniture!

I am so excited! I havent posted about this yet, because I wanted to make sure things were for sure going through... but it looks like we have finally sold our trailer! The paper work is with the title company, and while we do not have an exact closing date... it is being processed. :) It was hard to sell our little trailer, it was just a 73 Tamarac on a city lot. But, it was our first place together, and will always seem special. :) I will try and dig up some pictures!
The guy buying it is a contractor, so the trailer is being moved and a new house will be going up. He is giving the trailer to a family that recently lost their house, so I was excited to know the trailer wont be sold for scrap metal! :)
So, with the sale of the trailer we will be paying off some debt and also splurging on a few things. Which means, I get a new couch. :) We ordered one on saturday when we went shopping at pier1. It is a sleeper sofa, so will also give us an extra bed for company. While I have been forever grateful for our blue couch (it really is in great condition!) I am excited to get a contemporary piece of furniture. :) As soon as it comes in I will be sure and post pictures. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks!
We also bought this papasan chair, and while I always thought they were too big... I sat in one on saturday at pier1... I fell in love. They are soo perfect for lounging. Jaydon and I can both squeeze in it! Although I worry it will eventually give out on us! :) Ok, well I have also been SUPRE busy working on some more abstract pieces of art. I am so happy with the new direction my style seems to be going.
well, hope your all having a great monday!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Been tagged... :)

Here are the rules:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 facts about me:

1) I worked at a Chevrolet dealership for three years and drove a 91 Ford mustang GT convertible. Needless to say, the salesman liked to pick on me. :)

2) After meeting Jaydon (my husband) we got engaged three weeks later, and married three months after that. I never imagined myself doing that, getting married so quickly. But, after meeting him... we knew we were meant to be together. What would be the point in waiting?

We are coming up on our 4 year engagement the 18th of next month. :) My poor family and friends, they thought I was nuts!

3) I love to bake, dessert mostly.... Although, it seems as though I have not done NEARLY as much as I used to. I think my urge tends to come out more in the winter months. :)

4) I have never lived outside the state of Washington. When we were engaged, we weren't sure where we were going to live. Since Jaydon was currently living in Grand Junction, CO. it was going to be there or here in the tri-cities area (where I was born and raised) At the time, I had actually hoped it would work out for us to live in co. It seemed like such an adventure! But, it ended up that he felt we were supposed to be here. Now, when I think of ever leaving... it seems scary! I suppose, when and if we have to cross that bridge I can deal with it then! :)

5) I would LOVE to buy two lhasa apso puppies, raise them and breed them. They are the most adroable dogs. We had a Lhasa mix when we first got married, and it was the neatest dog imaginable! We taught him *rocket* the coolest tricks! Let me dig up a picture... hee hee *dig* up a pic! ;)

6) I started homeschooling my 9th grade year. It just seemed right at the time, and I do not regret it one bit. :)

7) I am SCARED to death of spiders! Fortunately growing up, I was blessed with a little brother that was ever so kind as to kill them for me, whenever I spotted one. Now, I have a super sweet husband that does it for me, and NEVER complains. :)

8) I am the proud mommy to a little angel named Trinity. She will turn three this November! She really has been an unusually mild mannered and polite child. Even when she was a baby... she rarely ever cried, and really spoiled ME. I fear that with our next one (whenever that will be ;) I am going to not have things so easy, and it will a culture shock for me. :)

Wow... okthat was 8 random, (and not so interesting) things about me. :) Now, I am supposed to tag 8 ppl. Do I really have to? I have been tagging ppl all of last month (or so it seems) everyone is going to LOVE me. :) It doesnt help that I have such a small circle of friends. ;)

I am going to cheat and only tag 2 people... ok here they are... my mom shannon

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Enagement pictures

Wheeew! 600+ pictures later, and ALOT of editing... has yielded these results. A few of mine, Roman, and Shaela's favorites. I am so thrilled with how they turned out. Roman and Shaela were up for anything, and really were good troopers! :) It was somewhat awkward at the laudnry mat. There were a few other people there, and needless to say... I think they enjoyed the free entertainment. We quickly took our pictures there, and I have to say... despite the conditions, I think they turned out great. :)

The grocery store was a blast too! We had to keep an eye out for the produce guy. Or rather he was keeping an eye out for us. :) Definitly made some memories to go right along with these pictures! It was fun, and I am glad we have a few good ones.

Ok... on to the September drawing stuff. This month I have chosen freedom to be the winning print. Please see here for all the rules regarding the contest. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

They are engaged!!

Roman and Shaela are engaged! I took their engagement pictures yesterday, and I am so thrilled with how they turned out. these are my favorites from the bunch. My first ever storyboard. Roman and Shaela were such good troopers. :) They were up for ALL my crazy ideas! I will post more pictures later, I am still editing a few of our favorites from the 600+ that I took. I will be sure and post more in the next couple days!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

...and our winner for the month of August is...

Jenna! Congrats, you were the name drawn from the mug. The picture is blurry, and I do apologize to all. Looking at blurry pictures is no fun. :) But, it is indeed your name. I will contat you via convo.

Thanks to all who entered, the September drawing is now in place... be sure to check back in Tuesday to see which print will be given away. :)

I have company for the weekend, so I am leaving you with a short post! Have a great holiday weekend everyone, and happy first of September!!