Monday, November 19, 2007

Announcing... Mr. and Mrs. Roman Nehls

Well, my little brother tied the knot this last saturday! It was a pretty wedding, and had its share of stressful moments. But, would a good wedding honestly be complete without a few?! :)

They will be here to spend Thanksgiving with us, and we are so looking forward to it! Hot turkey sadwiches and leftovers galore! Although, I must admit... our family tends to make more dessert then "real" food. Generally a pie or two per person. :D Thats awful isnt it?

I am most excited about the day after thanksgiving, (no not because of all the crazy busy sales) but, because the radio's start playing christmas music! I can finally string my christmas lights, and we can put up our fake tree! :) Hot chocolate by the fire, and eggnog... yummy!
UPDATE: The large canvas paper is in, and so are the postcards! I just need to make some time to get the listings complete. :) Hopefully this week.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

More postcards coming soon.

Hello everyone! I thought I would give yet another sneek peek as what is on its way to SparksFly. Scheduled to arrive at my front door next wednesday, are these images on 4x6 sized heavy 15 pt. cardstock, and rounded corners. I am planning to sell them in packs of 10, but I just may offer them for sale individually as well. I am always open for thoughts or suggestions, on just what it is you would prefer to see/buy. :)

Even though these little beauties are due to arrive wednesday, I am doubting I will get them up in the store as soon as I would like... .See, my little brother is getting married this next weekend, my parents just sold their house and need to be out by the 28th. Thats not including Thanksgiving, and my little girls third birthday all coming up this month as well! :) So, things are just a little busy... and I may not be able to find the time to put these together. But I sure am going to try! If I start thinking early... I may be able to get the listing descriptions/images done early. I also need to brainstorm new packaging! I will most certianly let you know a little later in the week, when you can expect to snatch a few of these up.

Also, it has been a while since I have done a poll survey... I may get another one of those going in the next few days. Because... of course, I love knowing what you readers are thinking. :) Do you have a favorite image you would love to see on upcoming postcards? Drop me the title, and it just may pop up in the store!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Postcards are here!

They are finally listed in my etsy store. It took a little longer then I had expected, since I decided to offer them in three different quantities. But, nonetheless... they are finally listed. One more thing I can check off my loooong list of things to do. ;) I hope the quantities end up working out alright for everyone.


This year send a Christmas card sure to make a lasting impression. No more worrying about sending the same card as the Jones' next door.

These Post Cards are professionally printed on 15 pt. cardstock. They have a glossy finish on the front, but the back is finished with a matte surface... insuring your pen will glide effortlessly. I lovingly created this llustration with thoughts of frost covered trees, a chill in the air, and the smell of peppermint hot chocolate. You wont see another card like this one.

This holiday season take your "pledge to buy handmade" a little further, and send out cards bought directly from the artist. Spread the joy. :)

Happy early Holidays to everyone! :)

♥ jess

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sneek Peek #2 and gift certificates!

They have arrived! Fresh off the printing press... I am so thrilled with how they have turned out. I am super anxious to list them, but am going to need to wait for my "best morning light" to take pictures. :) HOWEVER, they should be listed tomorrow afternoon. I will be sure and post here when I do get them in my store.

I also just listed my first gift certificate. I plan to also list one including an envelope, and small card. For those that would like a little more of a premium presentation. :) However, I still have not added the "Royal Treatment" to the shop yet. I should hopefully have it listed today though.

Well, it is lunch time and I am absolutely starving! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

13x19" Canvas on the way...

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I am finally making the HUGE initial investment, and purchasing the same canvas as seen above, but it a larger format... 13x19 to be exact. Which means I will now be able to print any print up to 13x19" on canvas. No more photo paper!

I have had a few requests for prints in the 11x14 size... but my potential customers were always a little dissapointed to see that it would not be printed on the same canvas paper shown in all my listings. This canvas really is the best I have found. I have shopped around, and tried a few different brands, before finding (and falling in love) with this particular paper.

The stuff I have ordered is the same brand as what I am using now, but claims to be waterproof, so we will have to see about that. :) It is scheduled to arrive next monday. I expect to have the "shop by size" section completely utilized by wednesday. This will make it much easier to purchase the larger format size. I will give an update when everything is finally in place. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November- Giveaway!

I think the holiday season has put me in an early giving mood! I have decided to once again, hold this little contest. It really was fun when we did it back in August. I have changed it a little, this time you can choose your very own free print. Please see below for the "fine print" ;) If you have any other questions, you can most certainly convo me via etsy, or leave your comment here.

Beginning with the month of November I will be giving away a FREE print. The print will be 8x10 in size, and on canvas. I will even pay your shipping. Valued at $20.00+ shipping
--Eligibility Requirements: (How to get your name in the drawing)
You must purchase any one Illustration from my store.
--How long does the drawing run for? (When do I find out if I have won!?)
The drawing began November 1st, and runs until Friday November 30th.

--How will the winner be chosen? (Pick Me, Pick Me!)
On Friday November 30th, my husband will draw 1 name from this lovely cup.

--How will I know if I have won? (I mean, other then convoing, and e-mailing you every day for the next month)
The winner will be announced here in my blog the following saturday, and in the etsy forums under promotions and critiques section. I will also send you a conversation via etsy letting you know.

--Which print will you be giving away? (surely it isnt the same one I want)
Of course it is! Whichever print you choose, is the print I will send you. I promise.

--What are my chances of winning? ( I mean honestly)
This will vary from month to month. You can always find out by looking through my sold prints on etsy. You can also increase your odds. *see below*

--Does each additional print purchase increase my odds? (hmmm?)
You bet! Your name will be put in for each print you buy. But two prints, your name goes in twice. Pretty simple eh?

I think that about sums it up, if I forgot to add something, or answer a question let me know!!

Floating Through Love

Hey there! So, I just finished these little guys up yesterday. It is a bit different then what I usually create? But, I really like how it turned out. Mom pointed out, that I must have subconsciously created this piece because Jaydon had went out of town for the night. Its funny, because I must have. :) We do not usually spend nights away from each other, so when he does have to leave, its weeeird. Trin and I went over and spent the night with mom. Partly because I was not the most comfortable staying overnight without Jaydon, but mostly because we had a fun girls night planned! :)

Jaydons back now... and I think he appreciated this new one. :) I hope everyone has a nice sunday planned. Dont forget to change your clocks!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We had extremely rare weather for Halloween this year. It was perfect sweater weather. :) No breeze, no rain... but a perfect chill in the air!

Trin and Jada really enjoyed themselves. We just took them up a block and back down the other side, but it was just enough houses for these two. They held hands and walked together. Which made it very awkward. After all most of the pathways were meant for one person, not a train. :) mom and dad and Jaydon and I both took turns holding the girls' hands'.

By the last house, they finally had it down. They were saying trick or treat, and thank you all by themselves. :)