Monday, July 30, 2007


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I am almost done with this piece. :) The past few months I have been really inspired to sit down and draw a few birdcages. I think I enjoyed it even more then I thought I would! I have also been itching to use theses blue and red colors together. These colors were inspired by this picture taken and blogged by Holly of decor8 . Her blog, and flickr favorites, has probably been my greatest source of inspiration, as of late. :)

I hope you check back often to see the new birdcages in this series, I already have another one in the works! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pirate filmstrip

Pirate filmstrip
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The filmstrip is here! I added it to etsy last night. It is really inspiring to work with a larger format, and I am excited to add some more in this same size!

Although this would "work" in a girls' room, these pirates are giving me another reason to want a little boy... :) Which is good news for Jaydon, because here as of late.... I have been noticing several "subtle" hints.... ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

The smells of Spring

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I cannot hardly believe I am longing for spring already. I could understand it a little better....if it were say October. But, July?

The summer is flying by (more so then usual) and I feel as though I have not done much of anything to enjoy it! I have been able to tinker around in my garden, but not as much as usual.

I hate when life gets too busy. Hopefully our rental will sale in the next couple of weeks, and we will have much more free time! We have already had a couple cash offers. It is just a matter of waiting for the best one! :)

Well, I have a few more orders to finish up and get ready before the mailman comes. Then, maybe I can squeeze in a little time to take Trinity outside, and let her enjoy a popsicle. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


My little one is down for a nap so I went outside to get some much needed cleaning done. :) My poor little greenhouse needed is soo badly! I was able to give it a good hose down, and also stack all of my old plastic pots. The terra cotta pots also needed emptied and stacked for next spring. It seems so hard to believe, they have already served their purpose this year.

Well, I have had the sprinkler going, and thought I would take a quick break from the heat, share some pictures with you and update my blog. :) BUT, I must get some more weeding done!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thank You!

Just wanted to give a little shout out to those who have taken the poll. :) It is much appreciated!

Today, we have just about finished up one image for projectgrabbag to transfer to totes, pillows, onesies etc. This image will have a hedgie added sometime tomorrow. He is illustrated, and waiting to be transferred to the computer!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another addition to the fleet...

I added another trailer to the "I heart sweet home series" Its been fun, I think I may temproarily take a break from this series, and start on a collection of black and white/red modern style trailers. They are so much fun to create. :) Now that I have four completed, they should be ready tobe sent over to allisonsphotography. Look for some coasters appearing SOON! :)

After working on this one, I am as always... hungry for something sweet! I cant help but wonder why I began titling these the way I did! :)

I also added another pirate print to my Illustrated through the viewfinder series. That means I can finally print up my film strip print! :) I will post a picture as soon as I do!

Friday, July 13, 2007

super new!

I am really excited to introduce my Through the View Finder Illustrated series. I have been having SO much fun, combining my duaflex camera and illustrations. :) I have tried my hand at through the view finder photography... and not quite got the hang of it yet. So, when I see the results I got trying this out, I was THRILLED! :)

The three pictured are already in my store. BUT, I have plans for a larger size (8x16") film strip linking three or more of these illustrations together. I hope to get this listed sometime next week. :) Check back here for updates, though.

<---- if you click the picture, it will appear in a new window, but clear! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New poll!

blogger has now introduced a new feature... the ability to conduct a survey, how exciting! I plan to try and use this tool to help create art, a little more customized to your personal prefences. :)

I am going to start the first poll off with colors. The poll will run for 2 weeks, exactly and then I will begin a new survey. Please select the colors you decorate with most. Maybe this will inspire me to create a new piece based upon your color choices! :)

Oh- and if you dont see a color listed please drop me a comment here, I will add it ASAP. I KNOW I missed some, its still fairly early.. and I am in a bit of a hurry. :) Also, feel free to describe your choices here a little more in depth.

Pistachio Ice Cream

Yeah! A new trailer has been added to the fleet, and one more to come by monday. :) You can see it here . Pistachio Ice Cream was inspired by my wonderful husband. It amazes me, how much he can inspire me... by even saying a couple of words, or rambling some random thought. I guess we are kind of like butter and popcorn. We bring out the best in each other. :)

Tuesday night I showed him my sketch of the trailer, and asked him what came to mind. After a couple seconds of staring at the sketch... he says " I dunno... it needs a bike.. or a moped." Of course, all of a sudden I am like "why did I not think of that?" But, that thought only lasted a minute because I was so excited to get back to my drawing.... finally seeing it as it should be, with a bike!

Well, an update on my garden... Let me just say that I lasted an hour in the heat, before I had to come in... and well I kind of ended up staying in. :) BUT! I did get my shelf (filled with my craft supplies) 90% finished! So, that was good at least. This picture was taken before weeding... I promise! :)

I must admit though... I am somewhat of a scaredy cat when it comes to spiders... and in the hour I was outside, I seen 7 daddy long legged spiders in my garden! 7! eeeww... now, I know daddy long leg spiders are supposed to be good for your garden. They apparently eat all the bad bugs, and I think even black widow spiders, (or maybe my dad told me that as a kid so I wouldnt mind them so much) so you can almost think of them as super heroes for your garden. BUT, I get the heebie jeebies every time I see one!

A lesson re-learned from yesterday... mom knows best. As a kid, to give me incentive to keep my room clean, and clutter-free... she told me that a messy room gave spiders places to hide. And that I would most definitly have more spiders in my room if it were messy rather then clean. Needless to say, I had a clean room all the time. well there was an occasional spell of laziness... but never for very long!

Anyway, my point is... my garden is alot like that right now. waaay too many places for the 8 legged fiends to hide. I definitly have more incentive to keep it weeded now. The next time I go out there, I am wearing tennis shoes to protect my vulnerable feet from creepy crawling things. Oh, and did you know you can spray aerosol hair spray at a spider at stop him in his tracks? Yep, thats what I have heard... I intend to test that. Armed with tennis shoes, garden gloves, and a can of aerosol spray... they wont know what hit them! Well, I just may try that... tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My plans for the day....

I have been neglecting my garden. ALOT. I have soo many weeds threatening to take over...that I am afraid this will turn into an ALL day job.

So, I am going to fill up Trinitys pool, throw on her swimming suit, head outside... and start pulling those weeds!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Project Organize has been along time coming! I have needed to organize my little space here for quite a while. :)

This little shelf is housing the magority of my paper, craft supplies and etsy packaging. :) I am hoping that by posting these pictures... I can maybe get motivated and committed to finally organizing it! I will most definitly post new pictures once I do. You know... proof that I do follow through with what I say I will... ;)

oh yes... and complete with labels!! I love labeling things. :)

Turtle Love

Yeah! After much time spent trying to get the colors to my liking, I finally finished this... at about 1:00 AM to be exact. :) I really like how she turned out. I almost think I like it better cropped, with her face and the turtle in detail. I may end up offering this in a cropped version as well, if there appears to be some interest towards it.

The inspiration behind her was pretty non-existant. I grabbed my clipboard, laid on the floor and just started drawing... the skecth of the girl, immediately looked as though she was looking sweetly at something. It only seemed right that there be something in her hands. I tried workin with a bunny, and I just wasnt feeling it. So, came the turtle idea... and I loved how they worked out. :)

I also made cookies last night. I like my cookies soft and chewy.... and these were more like milk dunking cookies. They were just a little more cooked then I like them. But, they do turn out to be PERFECT for dunking cookies! They can soak up a ton of milk, and not crumble into your glass of milk. Although, it is always a nice surprise to see your pieces of cookies at the bottom of your milk glass! Although, now that I think about it...I am sure that probably grosses some people out. :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

As promised... the ACEOS are making their way to etsy. I will list two ACEOS a day for the next few days. There is currently one on etsy, and another to come today. :)

I would love to hear your feedback on them! If you have an idea for an ACEO, you would like to see my try... mention it! I love to be inspired by new ideas. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I created my first original ACEOS today! It really was a new challenge working in such a small area... (3.5x2.5") but, was really fun! I will begin listing them tomorrow on etsy, after I can get some pictures in good lighting.

Oh, I always forget not everyone know what an Aceo is... If your one of those people, let me try and clear it up. Let me begin with a small legal disclosure:

"WARNING: collecting ACEOS can be addicting, SparksFly will not and cannot be held responsible for any injuries to your finances due to these adorable cards! This includes, (but not limited to) damage to walls, pocket books, wallets, saving accounts, or clutter issues..."

Ok, now thats out of the way.... ACEO stands for "art card, editions and originals" The only rule to an ACEO is that it be 2.5x3.5" This allows artist's to create an ACEO with just about any medium. Which makes each one truly unique! :)

What can you do with an ACEO? The sky is the limit! You can frame them, store them in photo albums, or send to friends.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Just finished this litte guy up today! I am not too sure where my inspiration for this drawing came from... However, it began with the story line that his parrot was neglected... after the poor thing has no shoulders to perch on. He has to settle for his fellow captain's head.

The direction of the drawing changed when the water was added. He instantly became overboard... and hence the title "Walk the Plank." :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I am really working hard trying to get some non-pink drawings in my store. ;)

Yeah for Illustrated Art!

Its finally here! :) After MUCH hard work the past few weeks, I now have completely remodeled my etsy store! I have taken out all of my promotional goodies, (but still available to my existing clientelle) and replaced them with my Art. :) It feels so good to have a blank piece of paper in front of me, and pencil in hand. I had forgotten how relaxing drawing could be!

There has been so much change in the last few weeks it will be hard to address it all! First off, I have to give a big shout-out to projectgrabbag of etsy. I have done quie a bit of custom work for her in the past, and it was her adorable softies that inspired me to pick up drawing again. From that inspiration came "project friends." A series inlcuding pirates, soft friends, and mushrooms ( gnomes coming soon :) was born. Shannon and I began a collaboration that is still in the works. You will be able to purchase my artwork on her pillows, totes, t-shirts, and onesies. This should be available by the end of july in her etsy store.

If your wondering why the direction of my store has changed... here are some frequently thought questions that should answer that question. :)

Q) Why are you no longer offering promotional custom work, like bookmarks, business cards etc. I thought you enjoyed it?

A) I do enjoy it, but lately found I was taking on more then I could handle. Custom work is very time consuming, I also HATE being paid before I complete a job... and well custom work has to work that way! It was affecting my family time, housework and my poor garden...err weed patch.

Q) Will you be taking on anymore custom promotional work in the future?

A) Feel free to contact me if you had hearted any of my items/services in the past. I can't guarantee I will be able to help you, but it doesnt hurt to ask. If you catch me at a slow time in life, I may just very well be missing doing some design work, and be able to help you. No promises though!! :)
Q) I am an existing client, and wanting to re-order, or put in a special request for a new product. Can I still?

A) I know what its like to be a complete crazy person about having everything coordinate. If your anything like me, your hearts racing, because you think there just *may* be a chance your business cards will not match your hangtags... if you have to go somewhere else to re-order. Take a deep breath, and dont worry! I like to keep my customers 110% satisfied, and last I checked leaving someone high and dry leaves you in a far from satsified mood. Just contact me, and we can work it out. :)