Wednesday, September 19, 2007

finally... a new addition!

Ok, so I must admit... I have hit an inspiration drought. It seems like the past week I have really enjoyed my time away from the computer. I have started 6 different pieces of work... and cant seem to get them just the way I like them.

Well, this print "te amo" (which means i love you in spanish) is finally just the way I like it. I have done a few different color variations, but I think I like this one the best. :) For those wondering, there is an actual El Caporal. And let me tell you, they make the best mexican food! If you have one in your area I urge you to try the colorado burrito. It is so good. :)

Well, with that... I need to leave you with a very short post... and get started on dinner for my family! Although, I would much rather pick me up a burrito!

1 comment:

art4friends said...

ohhh lovely you have a nice style
i noticed you have a mintd shop
how are you finding it?
having success on it?