Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally a spark of inspiration...

Whew! I finally made time to find some inspiration for a new piece of art. I love how well everything came together on this one. I am adding it to etsy now. I am sitting in the kitchen, here at the trusty computer, giving Jaydon all the time in the world to wrap my presents. He tends to get creative with the wrapping. He never ceases to amaze me. Since he started wrapping presents; I have done my dishes, finished "the power of love," listed it, and am now taking the oppurtunity to update my blog. :) I love my sweet hubby, and every little thing he does for me. The first present he brought in had a little christmas tree made out of paper, and a square present (also made from wrapping paper) underneath the tree. I am most definitly going to have to take a picture of it in better lighting.

I hope everyone is having a stress free holiday season! This year will be a little different for us, instead of going over to mom and dads on Christmas morning, we are having the family all over here. It should be somewhat cozy with all 11 of us in our little 900 sq. ft. home. :)

Looking ahead to 2008:

I *think* I am going to take a huge plunge in January, and transfer SparksFly to a new storefront space on etsy. Fresh with a new name and new look. Ever since I introduced my artwork, and quit designing packaging I have thought about starting fresh. Of course there are definitly disadvantages to doing so, and that is why I have not already done it. BUT, I really do think it would be best for me in the long run. I will certainly keep you all posted, and I welcome comments/suggestions. The new name is still in the works... I have to find the perfect fit/logo.

Well, I must make use of my kitchen time. Trinity is telling me she is starving. A new word she picked up from me... ugh. Poor child, there is just something pitiful about 3 year old telling you she is starving when her last meal/snack was only an hour ago. :) I think tonight it is frozen pizza, with snacks curled up by the fire later in the evening.

My Best Holiday wishes to all!


Friday, December 7, 2007

busy, busy!

To all my loyal readers out there still checking in... (even though its been forever since I have updated!) I would like to say thanks. :) We have been so busy, we finally got mom and dad moved out of their 3,000 sq. ft. home. 10+ years in one house, 3 kids, and 3 weddings can sure allow you to accumulate alot of "stuff." The snow and pouring weather really didnt help!

It was a huge job to get it all moved, so we are SO glad to have it all done. Mom and dad have been staying the week with us, and it has flown by. It has been nice having my mom here. I feel as though I have a live in babysitter/housekeeper. :) Of course since Jaydon and my dad work together, that has worked out nice too! It looks as though they finally found a fifth wheel (in Grants Pass, OR) and will be leaving tonight to pick it up. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. ;)

So, aside from moving... we finally made time to "officially" celebrate Trinity's third B-day. There was only a handful of people able to show up, but I think she still had a great time. I think planning a birthday this time of year will always be inconvenient. :)

I have also hit somewhat of a dry spell creative-wise. I have had no drive or inspiration to creating anything new, and have to "make" myself sit at the computer. I suppose I havent been trying to push myself much, and have been enjoying taking a little bit of a vacation. I am still fulfilling etsy orders left and right, but I feel like I am running my etsy store part time instead of overtime. :) Definitly been enjoying my christmas music and also reading a good book. I finished "The Golden Compass" and the second book, "the subtle Knife", and have just started the third book "the amber spyglass" They have been really good!

Well, I have plans to make salmon for dinner, and will try to share the recipe sometime these next few days... it is delicous. I got the original recipe from my aunt kay... but when i couldnt find it, I had to look the internet over for a similar recipe. I suppose I will mix and match my ingredients, and let you know how it turns out. :) If you love salmon and cream cheese, this one wont be a dissapointment. It is great for feeding company, seems fancy and yet it is sooo easy!