Thursday, September 13, 2007


Here is my newest addition to my etsy store. The doll was made by projectgrabbag, and is part of our collaboration together. She made me 2 dolls, 2 pirates, and 2 mushrooms to photograph, draw etc... This is Keiko, the other one you have seen in my art is named Emma. :)

I am getting to keep one of the dolls, and we werent sure which one it was going to be... but I think Trin decided for us. She has gotten attached to her first doll ever... and it is this one. Keiko. :) She has been changing her diaper, and begging to take her shopping with us. :) I finally caved, and let her take her to Home Depot. She got to be buckled in, so I figured she was safe. :)

I printed and hung this print on her wall, it looks so good against her pink walls. I definitly plan to do a matching companion print using Keiko. :) I think I already know JUST what I will do! But, you will have to wait to see! ;) Have a great thursday everyone!

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