Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Super New- Monthly Win a Print-August

Super New!

Beginning with the month of August I will be giving away a FREE print. This month's print is "Chirp Away" 8x10 sized on canvas, a palm sized 20 page matching shopping list, and a coloring page. I will even pay your shipping. All this valued at $28.00

--Eligibility Requirements: (How to get your name in the drawing)
You must purchase any one Illustration from my store.

--How long does the drawing run for? (When do I find out if I have won!?)
The month of August's drawing begins today August 1st and will end August 31st.

--How will the winner be chosen? (Pick Me, Pick Me!)
On Friday August 31st, my husband will draw 1 name from a bowl, cup, mug etc. (will be sure and keep you posted ;)

--How will I know if I have won? (I mean, other then convoing, and e-mailing you every day for the next month)
The winner will be announced here in my blog the following saturday, and in the etsy forums under promotions and critiques section. I will also send you a conversation via etsy letting you know.
--What if I already have the print your giving away? (I really dont need two)
If you have already purchased the print that is being offered, you may switch it out for any other print in my store of equal or lesser value.
--What are my chances of winning? ( I mean honestly)
This will vary from month to month. You can always find out by looking through my sold prints on etsy. You can also increase your odds. *see below*

--Does each additional print purchase increase my odds? (hmmm?)
You bet! Your name will be put in for each print you buy. But two prints, your name goes in twice. Pretty simple eh?
--What are my odds currently?
Currently 8/23 there are 7 names in the drawing.

I think that about sums it up, if I forgot to add something, or answer a question let me know!!

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cool!! your super sweet :D