Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Enagement pictures

Wheeew! 600+ pictures later, and ALOT of editing... has yielded these results. A few of mine, Roman, and Shaela's favorites. I am so thrilled with how they turned out. Roman and Shaela were up for anything, and really were good troopers! :) It was somewhat awkward at the laudnry mat. There were a few other people there, and needless to say... I think they enjoyed the free entertainment. We quickly took our pictures there, and I have to say... despite the conditions, I think they turned out great. :)

The grocery store was a blast too! We had to keep an eye out for the produce guy. Or rather he was keeping an eye out for us. :) Definitly made some memories to go right along with these pictures! It was fun, and I am glad we have a few good ones.

Ok... on to the September drawing stuff. This month I have chosen freedom to be the winning print. Please see here for all the rules regarding the contest. :)


{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

Whoa babe!! These blow me away. I just LOVE the ones in the field with the chair. Gosh... you can shoot my Engagement pictures!! well if he ever pops the question that is!

Block Party Press said...

Wow! Great set. How lucky they are to have you capture those moments for them! I am sure their grandkids will enjoy those photos some day!

Tag your it! Here are the details:

Princess of Power said...

These are gorgeous! I got here from your Etsy store.