Thursday, February 28, 2008

vol25 and

Exciting news! As some of you may know I have been working as a collaborator with heyprettycupcake for about a year now. While heyprettycupcake's shop is currently down for renovation, Vanessa has been working extra hard to give her artists more exposure. She recently contacted me with some good news. Two stores were interested in vol25. Joliehandmade was one of the stores, and you can already find the items below listed in her online shop.

joliehandmade is run by 27-year-old angelina, married mom of two. She enjoys sewing, especially children's clothing. Look for her own items to be added to her shop soon. :) I also stumbled across her blog this morning! give her a shoutout!

i love you necklace priced at 18.00
wishful necklace priced at $18.00
love you hair pins priced at $7.00
wishful hair pins priced at $7.00
wishful pocket mirror priced at $10.00
love you pocket mirror priced at $10.00

The other shop will have to remain a secret for now, that is until everything is official! ;) On another subject, remember the chandelier I snagged from Target? Here it is waiting to be installed in our bedroom. Turns out that they were the plug in type. So, jaydon informed me it will take a little more time to install, and a trip to HomeDepot. While I do believe him, I always find it amazing how often we "need" to drop in there. I need to take a few lessons from him, there has got to be a way for me to make a trip to michaels or craft warehouse a "needed" trip. :) So, anyhow every night I move the light from the bed to the floor, and in the morning it gets moved back to the bed. This morning it was catching the light from the window, and I HAD to take a picture. It is going to change our bedroom SO much when it gets put up. :)

For now, I suppose I can try and enjoy it on my bed... It could defintiely be worse! :) Today is absolutely beautiful! It is 58 degrees outside and sunny. I am going to try and get outside to do some magor cleanup damage to my garden. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New option available at vol25!

I got an etsy conversation from a previous customer of mine yesterday. She had asked how much it would cost to upgrade a print set she had been eyeing for a while now to the 11x14 size. It suddenly dawned on me, that I needed to make this a simple easy option for everyone. So, this morning I finished the graphics for the listing, and just now completed the listing itself. I added a new section to the store and titled it "upsize your print set purchase" I hope it seems fairly easy to understand. I am more then open for suggestions/feedback as to how I can make it easier. :)

Also added an additional bonus offer to all customers, 10% off coupons! I will include one of these with your order, just for taking the time to share how you found vol.25. Just yesterday I found out a customer had found etsy through a home decorating magazine, and then found me from etsy. It is always SO interesting to imagine how a customer happens across my art/shop. Not only is it interesting but also very valuable information, and helps me decide where best to advertise.

Well, the sun seems to be trying to peek through the clouds. I keep seeing occasional bursts of sunlight, and it really helps boost my mood. I could never easily live in a rainy location. I get so depressed when we have more then 1 rainy day. My whole outlook on life seems gloomy. Give me a day of sunshine, and everything seems better! Of course there is that downside that tends to come with having a sunlit house.... dust! It is amazing how dusty everything suddenly looks when those dust bunnies appear to greet the sun. :) I dont mind though, I think I will VERY happily grab my lemony dusting machine in a can... greet the sun and finally get some much needing dusting done. Hoping you have an inspiring day, and get the see the sun as well. Even if for only a brief moment. :)
-jess vol.25

Monday, February 25, 2008

New- End tables and art!

Since my birthday was officially yesterday, Jaydon finished putting together my side table, and file cabinet. :) I was so happy to have them set up in my living room. I have always heard a few simple, cheap changes can make all the difference in the style of your living room. New end tables, curtains, lamps, and of course an area rug of some sort always helps. :) If you look long enough you can snag these up at cheap prices. I have had the best luck finding these key items at Target on clearance even! I promise to take a full shot of my living room just as soon as we get a little more sun. I hear it is forecasted for tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to take a few.

Dont you just love the little guy in the photo below. My parents bought me this bird, and I think he looks so sweet next to "fatal attraction." He sits there and stares at them all day long... almost as though he is jealous of the love they feel for each other. :)

Here is the new art I mentioned earlier. "The Spark Of Love" is somewhat of a spinoff from "the power of love" you may remember me finishing back in January. I think I may add a version with the text. "Love is the spark that powers our world" Still undecided for the moment though. Also open to other color options, feel free to leave me any suggestions! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A shift in direction...

I have to admit, I have taken somewhat of a shift on my current project. I decided that instead of working on the baby book, I needed to work on a pregnancy book. :) I have planned to do this for a while now and decided since I am finally at the halfway mark in my own pregnancy. I really needed to get it finished! :) So, here are a few teasers to wet your appetite with. It is meant to match the baby book, because I intend to sell these seperate and as a set.

I have just uploaded all the pages to lulu publishing, and am in the process of trying to figure the whole process out. Generally when I have made a baby book, I have printed it myself and then taken it in to get spiral bound and the covers laminated. But, I recently began searching the internet for other options. lulu seems to be just what I need, if I can figure the binding and cover options out. Has anyone reading this used lulu? What was your experience? Or maybe you have another suggestion for me to try out?
Currently the book is about 24 pages, 12 front and back. I think I would prefer it to be spiral bound since it makes writing easier then with a hardbound book. What do you think?
On a different note, I also finished my first silhouette titled "we are shaped by our thoughts." Yet one more project I can cross of my list of things to finish! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

TTV Prints are back!

Some of you may remember when I introduced my art digitally tweaked to get the TTV (through the viewfinder) effect. I loved the look, but had yet to use the technique with some of my new work. So, this morning I decided to spend some time doing just that. I love that I can completely change the feel of my favorites, with this effect. :)

I have already added four of these into the store, and am just about ready to add the TTV print set listing. I plan to TTV quite a few more in the next couple weeks... but if there is a particular print you would like to buy now, just let me know. I will get right on it for you.

Target Shopping TIP for all you faithful Target Shoppers/droolers: Target is clearancing (sp?) their global bazaar pieces. I was SO happy! I had been eye balling a chandelier for our bedroom, but couldnt bring myself to pay the 129.00. Friday night my sister in law was ever so kind as to inform me of the big sale... which meant a definite trip to the Target. And sure enough, they were 50% off. Which made me feel VERY justified in finally picking up a light for our bedroom. After all we have had nothing but a super stylish plain bulb for about a year now. :) We even snagged Trinity a similar one, but just a little smaller.

--- Wait! Theres more!! The big news, as part of an early b-day present... I finally got new end tables for our living room. Because the weekend was so busy they arent assembled yet. But, I will most definately be posting pictures as soon as we get them together. :) They were perfectly what I wanted, and on sale for 80.00. I got a little funky/brave and agreed to get the end table and matching file cabinet. They match, and I figured it might be neat to have two different pieces. Not too sure how I will feel about it when it is assembled, but my hubby really wanted the file cabinet... so being the good compromisable wife that I always am... I said "yes honey." Will keep you updated on that as well!

Also, good thing I cleaned my house Friday. We ended up getting a bunch of company for the weekend! :) Some friends of Jaydon's stopped through on their way back to CO. and a few friends of mine also stopped in for the weekend. I am telling you... its a great habit! ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

new originals

Happy late valentines day! I hope everyone had a great day, spent with someone special. Whether it be your siginificant other, friends, or even your mom. :) We had a nice evening. Just stayed around the house. We plan to go out sometime this weekend, when my parents are free to babysit. Hopefully by then the resteraunts will be a little less crowded. :)

Well, here is the original I posted pictures of in progress a few days ago. It is not listed in the store yet, probably not for a few more days. Since this canvas was 12x16 it was a TON more work then the smaller 9x12 I have been working with. Still somewhat new to working with watercolor paints, but I have to say I am really liking it! I am learning a few new techniques, and would sometime love to take a class. I also am wanting to work with acrylic sometime in the near future.

I also was super inspired last night and created another watercolor painting. I titled it "we make a happy family." I love love it to pieces. I debated on keeping it, but am MAKING myself say goodbye. After all, I get attached to every original.
I have two blank canvases left from my trip to Tri-Cities monday, and they are begging to be filled. I think I might need to hide them. That is, if I ever plan to get anymore done on that baby book. :) This painting is already listed in the store, but the print will be listed later today, and limited to 50 copies.
Well, I know I have something important I should be doing. Like maybe cleaning my house... especially since it is Friday. I have found it to be a very good habit to have my house clean by the weekend. Just in case we get unexpected company. Of course that doesnt happen very often, but still... it IS a good habit that I need to work on a little more! :)
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Wow, I am really doing good today, two posts in one day. :) I think I deserve a cookie. Anyhow, I thought I would give you a sneek peek at my latest watercolor painting. I figured instead of using the hair dryer to speed up drying time, I would take a moment and post you a couple pictures. I am super excited about how it is turning out, and wanted to share!

I am really trying hard to resist the urge to use greens in this one. So, I have decided to give your eyes a break from all the green, and add some blues to this painting. Nice little change I think!

Well, I have a partially dry painting calling my name.... will keep you updated. :)

New product in the works!

Hi all! I have been super excited to get started working on a baby book using some of my more popular prints on vol.25. Today I finally started page one. It took me ALL morning to find a composition I thought worked with the popular "love you" print. It kept getting busy looking, and I decided keeping it simple really was best.

So, Vol.25 should have at least one baby book listed in the store by mid-march. After I get a little further into the project I should be able to give an exact date for release. I imagine the books to have laminated front and back covers, and spiral or comb bound. I think I prefer the comb binding, as you can add pages if needed.
I have SO many theme ideas I would love to try out in a baby book. Seeds of Freedom is also a very popular print, and I would love to incorporate that allium flower into a purple or even yellow baby book. I also have some carnival images I have been itching to work with. Wouldnt that make a super sweet book?
Anyhow, I started with this green themed book in hopes it will work for boy or girl. Since the gender of our baby will be a secret till he/she is born. :) I would love to have a girl themed book done by my due date, but just in case... this one should work.

On a different note, a customer of mine sent me these pictures. The prints look great framed and hung in their new home. It is always so exciting to see my art in their new enviroment. :) Thanks jill, they really do look great.

I also forgot to show you all this new original listed in my shop, titled "Lime Light". I also decided to offer it in a very small limited run of 25 prints. Hopefully this will allow a few more people the oppurtunity to own it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New print sets

Hello all! Been busy around here. My brother and his wife came in for a couple weeks! It was a ton of fun having them around. They currently live 5 hours away, and it is just too far. :) Trin really enjoyed spending time with her Uncle Roman, and I think she picked up some new phrases from her aunt Shaela. She is now saying "by the way" in her sentences, and saying "actually" She talks so big for a three year old. She had so much fun with them, and we were sad to see them leave. :( But, I did manage to squeeze in some time and get some new stuff done! Shaela helped me modify "Home Sweet Home" to match my living room. It is now available in a perfect green complete with damask wallpaper.

She also helped me get the colors just right in this new illustration, Love Showers inspired by the upcoming holiday, Valentines Day.

Last week I added a new piece to the shop, and also completed another print set. Seeds of Freedom has been a very popular print, and I wanted to finally complete the second piece. :) So, here it is! Freeom Carried on the Wind.

We also added 2 new additions to the family, "flounder" and "tricky" They are a really cute pair of goldfish. I was going to get just one, but they looked so sweet together in the aqaurium.... almost like they were life long partners and would grow old together. So, we got them both. :) I definitely would have had a few other names in mind... but Trin actually came up with these on her own, and who could say no to that. They are definitely inspiring me to create a collage using them. It should be super fun, so look for that soon. Maybe something with a zen feel/look.

I think spring may finally be on its way! Its 50 degrees outside, and I think a walk into town is a must. I cant wait to start planting my garden. :)