Sunday, March 25, 2007

busy, busy!

I have been staying pretty busy with a few custom orders, and trying to squeeze in some new projects at the same time. I have been having a lot of fun making my matchbox books. I have now completed a "Weathered Collection," and also a "Botanical Collection." I bought more supplies yesterday, and have HUGE plans for these recycled boxes! :)

I also finished my 4x4 photo palm book! Its listed and ready for viewing. :) well, off to fix breakfast!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Short walk to the post office...

Today is absolutely beautiful out! I was having a bery stressful day trying to get a few orders out. I had a slight headache, and was having printer problems... making mistakes left and right. Wasting expensive photo paper, always makes me sick. So, I decided to a walk to the post office would do Trin and I both some good. I got my orders done, and we walked the VERY short walk to the post office. It is just so nice outside! It makes me want to work in the garden and my tan at the same time. :) Now if I can just get Jaydon to rototill an area for my new garden... Well, I am off to bake some cookies!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

stealing my walnuts!

Ok, so I have seen this little guy... or one that resembles him to a "T" stealing the walnuts (I hadndpicked last fall) out of our bucket sitting so conveniently underneath this tree. Now keep in mind we were "blessed" with three enormous black wanut trees in our front yard. I would love to cut them down. They make the biggest mess imaganeable this last fall. The walnuts swell, and rot which then sticks to your shoes...and wind up in our brand new living room carpet. Unless of course I am extra careful and stop everyone the moment they walk into our home! The city wont allows us to cut the trees down. I hear there is some sort of a shot you can give the trees to keep them from producing?
This little squirrel has stolen from me before. I suppose since I hate walnuts, I kinda hope he keeps taking them. :) Less I have to crack...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Customized Bookmarks

My customized bookmarks have really been taking off on etsy! I have been so thrilled to work with each person. It is so enjoyable to me to be able to use all the talented Artists' work, and turn it into a bookmark. :) One thing I am growing to love about custom work, is getting to know the other etsy sellers on a little more personal note. Rather then accept they're money and send out an item...I then get to work with them, and talk with them. Etsy people are some of the nicest most willing ppl to help out! :)

I keep my bookmarks affordable, use them in place of a business card. They are so much cuter, and even more uesful!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring days ahead!

It was soo nice out yesterday! The weather was perfect, Heather brought Jada over. She wore cute little hawaiian print shorts for the first time this year, they were adorable! She kept walking all over the house with different toys on her head. We have been noticing the past few days that she has been doing this alot lately. She has gotten so good at it...she can bend over to pick something up and not have the toy fall. Thats talent, and a lot of cordination for one lil toddler.

We were joking about it, saying that she will be on some talk show years down the road... confessing to having a hat addiction...and blaming the whole thing on her mother. "She had a store on etsy...and she constatly used me for modeling her new hats, now years later I have squandered my life savings away on hats!" Well, surely its a phase she will outgrow. But its just too cute to not warrant documenting it...

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This weekend we spent our saturday up near Bickelton, WA in the mud and snow. It really was perfect weather. The sun came out while we were up, and there was still snow for us to play in. Mom and Dad, Jono and Heather, and Jaydon and I, all went.

Jaydon ended up snapping a rear driveline... Which meant dad got to try out his new warn winch... and also meant we were stuck up there waiting for dad and Jaydon to temporarily make it driveable. Roman and Jono passed the time and made a snow fort, but got it done just as we were ready to pull out. :)

We fortunately managed to get away with not using 4WD on the way home. Altho his gearing was making a really bad noise in 3rd gear. Fortunately we were not in too big of a hurry, to get home because it took a little longer then it should have!

I plan on making a 4x4ing photo palm book available in my etsy store with a few of the 300 pics I took yesterday!! Bookmark me and check back often.... :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Trinity now owns a pair of trendy leg warmers! She absolutely loves them. My sister custom made them for her, and I purchased them through etsy. She also has a store on etsy. She seems to really be doing good on it! A link to her store... She sells the most adorable hats for your children, scarves, she does several custom orders. Right now she seems to be staying very busy creating custom labels for other fellow etsiers! :) Go Heather!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Finally made it to the homepage

I was sooo stoked yesterday morning when I seen that one of my photographs had been handpicked by an etsy moderator, to adorn the home page! This is something I have been hoping for well...forever! The picture itself so far has been one of my more popular photographs...Even though a sale hasn't come of it yet, it completely made my week. Today I am still excited about it! I also added 2 more photo palm books to my website. Each a different collection.