Monday, September 10, 2007

New furniture!

I am so excited! I havent posted about this yet, because I wanted to make sure things were for sure going through... but it looks like we have finally sold our trailer! The paper work is with the title company, and while we do not have an exact closing date... it is being processed. :) It was hard to sell our little trailer, it was just a 73 Tamarac on a city lot. But, it was our first place together, and will always seem special. :) I will try and dig up some pictures!
The guy buying it is a contractor, so the trailer is being moved and a new house will be going up. He is giving the trailer to a family that recently lost their house, so I was excited to know the trailer wont be sold for scrap metal! :)
So, with the sale of the trailer we will be paying off some debt and also splurging on a few things. Which means, I get a new couch. :) We ordered one on saturday when we went shopping at pier1. It is a sleeper sofa, so will also give us an extra bed for company. While I have been forever grateful for our blue couch (it really is in great condition!) I am excited to get a contemporary piece of furniture. :) As soon as it comes in I will be sure and post pictures. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks!
We also bought this papasan chair, and while I always thought they were too big... I sat in one on saturday at pier1... I fell in love. They are soo perfect for lounging. Jaydon and I can both squeeze in it! Although I worry it will eventually give out on us! :) Ok, well I have also been SUPRE busy working on some more abstract pieces of art. I am so happy with the new direction my style seems to be going.
well, hope your all having a great monday!

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Anonymous said...

I have one of those chairs in my craft room!! It's the perfect place to sit and take a short break!!! They are so comfy :D