Friday, September 14, 2007

Harvesting Tomatoes...

I grew a ton of tomatoes hoping to make salsa. Well, today mom came over and we picked all of the ripe ones. I had no idea I had so many! It was a pleasant surprise though. The top right picture is Roma tomatoes, and those all came from the same plant. I have not hardly done anything to these at all. I am most definitly giving the credit to the peat moss I mixed in with the soil. I also did raised beds, and I hear that really helps the plants. :)
Next week we plan to make the salsa. If you have a great recipe, I would love a link! I have one I have been planning to try, but I am most certainly still open for suggestions. :)


cArOl said...

Yeh, that was fun. A nice way to spend my Birthday! :)

{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

wow!! you weren't kidding about tons of tomatoes!!!

The jam is super sweet!! When we were kids my grandma never told us it was made of tomatoes because we would have never eaten it then... but it's super good!! If you do try it my suggestion is to really let the tomatoes boil down and get REALLY soft. If they are still a bit chunky it's ok... but I like to beat them with a electric mixer to make it smooth.

Maybe we should trade recipes... I'm in dire need of a really good and true tested salsa recipe cause in about 5 days I'm going to have around 100 more little tomatoes!!