Monday, July 16, 2007

Another addition to the fleet...

I added another trailer to the "I heart sweet home series" Its been fun, I think I may temproarily take a break from this series, and start on a collection of black and white/red modern style trailers. They are so much fun to create. :) Now that I have four completed, they should be ready tobe sent over to allisonsphotography. Look for some coasters appearing SOON! :)

After working on this one, I am as always... hungry for something sweet! I cant help but wonder why I began titling these the way I did! :)

I also added another pirate print to my Illustrated through the viewfinder series. That means I can finally print up my film strip print! :) I will post a picture as soon as I do!


Luminescence said...

I just love your pirates!! I love reading your blog too. It makes me smile.

jessilynn said...

Thank You :) That just made my day! I have been enjoying reading yours too. :)