Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My plans for the day....

I have been neglecting my garden. ALOT. I have soo many weeds threatening to take over...that I am afraid this will turn into an ALL day job.

So, I am going to fill up Trinitys pool, throw on her swimming suit, head outside... and start pulling those weeds!


Luminescence said...

Wow! I didn't know you had a garden that big! Looks like fun :) I hope you can get lots done. About the camera...... I think I might enter it in the fair. I have to get my photos together for entrys. I have until the 31st. Wish me good luck!

jessilynn said...

I always tell myself I am going to do that... usually around this time of year, when you tell me your entering yours!! :)

...but of course, I never do! ;) You should totally enter them, its a complete fresh perspective. :)

yes, I was able to have a much bigger one this year! Yeah! Now, if I could just keep up with it. :)

-do you need any zucchini? ;)