Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring days ahead!

It was soo nice out yesterday! The weather was perfect, Heather brought Jada over. She wore cute little hawaiian print shorts for the first time this year, they were adorable! She kept walking all over the house with different toys on her head. We have been noticing the past few days that she has been doing this alot lately. She has gotten so good at it...she can bend over to pick something up and not have the toy fall. Thats talent, and a lot of cordination for one lil toddler.

We were joking about it, saying that she will be on some talk show years down the road... confessing to having a hat addiction...and blaming the whole thing on her mother. "She had a store on etsy...and she constatly used me for modeling her new hats, now years later I have squandered my life savings away on hats!" Well, surely its a phase she will outgrow. But its just too cute to not warrant documenting it...

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IrishLuck said...

She sure has been doing really good putting the hats on. She gets them pretty low on her head even!