Thursday, March 15, 2007

stealing my walnuts!

Ok, so I have seen this little guy... or one that resembles him to a "T" stealing the walnuts (I hadndpicked last fall) out of our bucket sitting so conveniently underneath this tree. Now keep in mind we were "blessed" with three enormous black wanut trees in our front yard. I would love to cut them down. They make the biggest mess imaganeable this last fall. The walnuts swell, and rot which then sticks to your shoes...and wind up in our brand new living room carpet. Unless of course I am extra careful and stop everyone the moment they walk into our home! The city wont allows us to cut the trees down. I hear there is some sort of a shot you can give the trees to keep them from producing?
This little squirrel has stolen from me before. I suppose since I hate walnuts, I kinda hope he keeps taking them. :) Less I have to crack...

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Anna said...

Ohhhh...he's precious!