Sunday, March 11, 2007


This weekend we spent our saturday up near Bickelton, WA in the mud and snow. It really was perfect weather. The sun came out while we were up, and there was still snow for us to play in. Mom and Dad, Jono and Heather, and Jaydon and I, all went.

Jaydon ended up snapping a rear driveline... Which meant dad got to try out his new warn winch... and also meant we were stuck up there waiting for dad and Jaydon to temporarily make it driveable. Roman and Jono passed the time and made a snow fort, but got it done just as we were ready to pull out. :)

We fortunately managed to get away with not using 4WD on the way home. Altho his gearing was making a really bad noise in 3rd gear. Fortunately we were not in too big of a hurry, to get home because it took a little longer then it should have!

I plan on making a 4x4ing photo palm book available in my etsy store with a few of the 300 pics I took yesterday!! Bookmark me and check back often.... :)


cArOl said...

Hi! That was alot of fun, this weekend!It was nice to have the whole family together again.Your Dad keeps saying how much fun he had .He had a great Birthday. I love the pictures! ( especially of the babies!) :) It was great Roman got to come home for your weekend, too. Mom :)

purplepapaya said...

Aww, adorable kids and great pictures. I wish it would snow here. I am already using the a/c and it's only mid-March!

D.C. said...

Whoa sounds like an exciting time. Can't wait to see the photos. I love your bookmarks by the way. :)

jessilynn said...

It WAS fun, I mostly enjoyed taking pictures! I am working on the photos tonight. So maybe here real soon I can get it listed in my store. :)