Monday, November 19, 2007

Announcing... Mr. and Mrs. Roman Nehls

Well, my little brother tied the knot this last saturday! It was a pretty wedding, and had its share of stressful moments. But, would a good wedding honestly be complete without a few?! :)

They will be here to spend Thanksgiving with us, and we are so looking forward to it! Hot turkey sadwiches and leftovers galore! Although, I must admit... our family tends to make more dessert then "real" food. Generally a pie or two per person. :D Thats awful isnt it?

I am most excited about the day after thanksgiving, (no not because of all the crazy busy sales) but, because the radio's start playing christmas music! I can finally string my christmas lights, and we can put up our fake tree! :) Hot chocolate by the fire, and eggnog... yummy!
UPDATE: The large canvas paper is in, and so are the postcards! I just need to make some time to get the listings complete. :) Hopefully this week.

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