Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sneek Peek #2 and gift certificates!

They have arrived! Fresh off the printing press... I am so thrilled with how they have turned out. I am super anxious to list them, but am going to need to wait for my "best morning light" to take pictures. :) HOWEVER, they should be listed tomorrow afternoon. I will be sure and post here when I do get them in my store.

I also just listed my first gift certificate. I plan to also list one including an envelope, and small card. For those that would like a little more of a premium presentation. :) However, I still have not added the "Royal Treatment" to the shop yet. I should hopefully have it listed today though.

Well, it is lunch time and I am absolutely starving! :)


jennalou said...

YEY!! I can't wait for these :D I'll be on the lookout tomorrow for them!

ps. you are such a good stylist... all your packages look so pretty... wish I could do that.

Lex said...

We featured you on our blog!


And now that we've found your blog - we'll be adding you to our bloglines!