Saturday, November 10, 2007

More postcards coming soon.

Hello everyone! I thought I would give yet another sneek peek as what is on its way to SparksFly. Scheduled to arrive at my front door next wednesday, are these images on 4x6 sized heavy 15 pt. cardstock, and rounded corners. I am planning to sell them in packs of 10, but I just may offer them for sale individually as well. I am always open for thoughts or suggestions, on just what it is you would prefer to see/buy. :)

Even though these little beauties are due to arrive wednesday, I am doubting I will get them up in the store as soon as I would like... .See, my little brother is getting married this next weekend, my parents just sold their house and need to be out by the 28th. Thats not including Thanksgiving, and my little girls third birthday all coming up this month as well! :) So, things are just a little busy... and I may not be able to find the time to put these together. But I sure am going to try! If I start thinking early... I may be able to get the listing descriptions/images done early. I also need to brainstorm new packaging! I will most certianly let you know a little later in the week, when you can expect to snatch a few of these up.

Also, it has been a while since I have done a poll survey... I may get another one of those going in the next few days. Because... of course, I love knowing what you readers are thinking. :) Do you have a favorite image you would love to see on upcoming postcards? Drop me the title, and it just may pop up in the store!


jennalou said...

My all time favorite print in Chirp Away so of course I would love to see that in postcard form. I'm sure which ever images you go with will be stunning though :D

Sounds like you have a busy month!!

marykathryn said...

Your Aunt Phylis called me yesterday and shared the good news!! How exciting for you and your Hubby! I sure hope I am not letting the cat out of the bag here..She said it wasn't a secret. Hope all is well and you will be in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kapcity said...

adorable!! Can't wait to see the postcards :) Hope your having a good week..keep an eye out for a little package in the post!

Beth said...

Hey Jess,
Just heard your exciting new. Congrats, you guys will be in our prayers for all the months ahead.