Monday, February 11, 2008

New print sets

Hello all! Been busy around here. My brother and his wife came in for a couple weeks! It was a ton of fun having them around. They currently live 5 hours away, and it is just too far. :) Trin really enjoyed spending time with her Uncle Roman, and I think she picked up some new phrases from her aunt Shaela. She is now saying "by the way" in her sentences, and saying "actually" She talks so big for a three year old. She had so much fun with them, and we were sad to see them leave. :( But, I did manage to squeeze in some time and get some new stuff done! Shaela helped me modify "Home Sweet Home" to match my living room. It is now available in a perfect green complete with damask wallpaper.

She also helped me get the colors just right in this new illustration, Love Showers inspired by the upcoming holiday, Valentines Day.

Last week I added a new piece to the shop, and also completed another print set. Seeds of Freedom has been a very popular print, and I wanted to finally complete the second piece. :) So, here it is! Freeom Carried on the Wind.

We also added 2 new additions to the family, "flounder" and "tricky" They are a really cute pair of goldfish. I was going to get just one, but they looked so sweet together in the aqaurium.... almost like they were life long partners and would grow old together. So, we got them both. :) I definitely would have had a few other names in mind... but Trin actually came up with these on her own, and who could say no to that. They are definitely inspiring me to create a collage using them. It should be super fun, so look for that soon. Maybe something with a zen feel/look.

I think spring may finally be on its way! Its 50 degrees outside, and I think a walk into town is a must. I cant wait to start planting my garden. :)



JanelleGrace said...

I hate you. Just for your weather though. It was 18 degrees yesterday with the constant wind chill bringing it BELOW zero.

But adorable prints!!!!

Skylene said...

HI Jessica! I just found your blog. Actually this evening is my first time checking out blogs at all. They sure are a lot of fun. Maybe I'll make one sometime if I get around to it.I miss you guys.