Monday, February 25, 2008

New- End tables and art!

Since my birthday was officially yesterday, Jaydon finished putting together my side table, and file cabinet. :) I was so happy to have them set up in my living room. I have always heard a few simple, cheap changes can make all the difference in the style of your living room. New end tables, curtains, lamps, and of course an area rug of some sort always helps. :) If you look long enough you can snag these up at cheap prices. I have had the best luck finding these key items at Target on clearance even! I promise to take a full shot of my living room just as soon as we get a little more sun. I hear it is forecasted for tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to take a few.

Dont you just love the little guy in the photo below. My parents bought me this bird, and I think he looks so sweet next to "fatal attraction." He sits there and stares at them all day long... almost as though he is jealous of the love they feel for each other. :)

Here is the new art I mentioned earlier. "The Spark Of Love" is somewhat of a spinoff from "the power of love" you may remember me finishing back in January. I think I may add a version with the text. "Love is the spark that powers our world" Still undecided for the moment though. Also open to other color options, feel free to leave me any suggestions! :)

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jennalou said...

Hey... hope you had a great Birthday!!