Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New option available at vol25!

I got an etsy conversation from a previous customer of mine yesterday. She had asked how much it would cost to upgrade a print set she had been eyeing for a while now to the 11x14 size. It suddenly dawned on me, that I needed to make this a simple easy option for everyone. So, this morning I finished the graphics for the listing, and just now completed the listing itself. I added a new section to the store and titled it "upsize your print set purchase" I hope it seems fairly easy to understand. I am more then open for suggestions/feedback as to how I can make it easier. :)

Also added an additional bonus offer to all customers, 10% off coupons! I will include one of these with your order, just for taking the time to share how you found vol.25. Just yesterday I found out a customer had found etsy through a home decorating magazine, and then found me from etsy. It is always SO interesting to imagine how a customer happens across my art/shop. Not only is it interesting but also very valuable information, and helps me decide where best to advertise.

Well, the sun seems to be trying to peek through the clouds. I keep seeing occasional bursts of sunlight, and it really helps boost my mood. I could never easily live in a rainy location. I get so depressed when we have more then 1 rainy day. My whole outlook on life seems gloomy. Give me a day of sunshine, and everything seems better! Of course there is that downside that tends to come with having a sunlit house.... dust! It is amazing how dusty everything suddenly looks when those dust bunnies appear to greet the sun. :) I dont mind though, I think I will VERY happily grab my lemony dusting machine in a can... greet the sun and finally get some much needing dusting done. Hoping you have an inspiring day, and get the see the sun as well. Even if for only a brief moment. :)
-jess vol.25

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