Thursday, February 28, 2008

vol25 and

Exciting news! As some of you may know I have been working as a collaborator with heyprettycupcake for about a year now. While heyprettycupcake's shop is currently down for renovation, Vanessa has been working extra hard to give her artists more exposure. She recently contacted me with some good news. Two stores were interested in vol25. Joliehandmade was one of the stores, and you can already find the items below listed in her online shop.

joliehandmade is run by 27-year-old angelina, married mom of two. She enjoys sewing, especially children's clothing. Look for her own items to be added to her shop soon. :) I also stumbled across her blog this morning! give her a shoutout!

i love you necklace priced at 18.00
wishful necklace priced at $18.00
love you hair pins priced at $7.00
wishful hair pins priced at $7.00
wishful pocket mirror priced at $10.00
love you pocket mirror priced at $10.00

The other shop will have to remain a secret for now, that is until everything is official! ;) On another subject, remember the chandelier I snagged from Target? Here it is waiting to be installed in our bedroom. Turns out that they were the plug in type. So, jaydon informed me it will take a little more time to install, and a trip to HomeDepot. While I do believe him, I always find it amazing how often we "need" to drop in there. I need to take a few lessons from him, there has got to be a way for me to make a trip to michaels or craft warehouse a "needed" trip. :) So, anyhow every night I move the light from the bed to the floor, and in the morning it gets moved back to the bed. This morning it was catching the light from the window, and I HAD to take a picture. It is going to change our bedroom SO much when it gets put up. :)

For now, I suppose I can try and enjoy it on my bed... It could defintiely be worse! :) Today is absolutely beautiful! It is 58 degrees outside and sunny. I am going to try and get outside to do some magor cleanup damage to my garden. Wish me luck!

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