Friday, March 14, 2008

sneek peek

Hello everyone! Hope your getting through your friday, you only have just a little longer and the weekend starts!
Here is that sneek peek I promised... although it shouldnt look exactly like this when finished. There will be the addition of a reading chair, and also some titles on the spines of those books! I already have the image halfway through the digital process... so I should *maybe* be done today. But, I really doubt I will get to posting it until monday. I will be sure and post it here as always.

Hoping my buttons come in today or tomorrow, and for a little photographic sunshine! :) My mailman is not scheduled to be here for another hour... the suspense is killing me. I am also expecting a piece of tile to come through the mail system. I have a customer that I admire and respect 100%! They had just recently finished tileing (sp) their kitchen, and wanted to make sure a few of my prints would match the tile, asked to send a piece for my own comparison. I told them I could do better then that. I would scan it, and color match it perfectly. :) I can only imagine how beautiful of a house theirs must be. They promised to send me pictures after they are happily hung. :)

If they give the ok, I will definately post here for all to see! Well, signing off for now~


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JanelleGrace said...

Nice. What titles will be on the books?