Friday, March 7, 2008

New print set!

Newly listed and fresh in the shop! I hope you all enjoy. "we are shaped by our thoughts" has seemed to be an instant favorite for some of you. I am super excited to re-list, and see how many of you heart it. :) So, today I came up with a second print based along the same general thought pattern as "we are shaped by our thoughts" I titled this one, "the secret to becoming who we wish to be" The quote reads:

"the secret to becoming who we wish to be begins with believing you can become who you wish to be"

Seems pretty simple, but I think so many of us easily forget this. Another favorite quote I love is "we tend to search for happiness when happiness is actually a choice." I cant remember where I seen that quote, but it has always stuck with me. :)
Print set now also available, buy both together and save. :) Available :HERE:
I hope everyone has something special planned for the weekend, our plans are to have a quiet weekend at home. Tonight we are going to a friends' house for ice cream sundae's... yum! :) I would like extra fudge please. :)


JanelleGrace said...

Nice. I like your silhouettes. They arent just the blah-trendy ones like most, they have something unique and meaningful about them.

skylene said...

Hello Jess, I found your comment on my blog. You have some beautiful artwork. I had forgotten how artsy you have always been! Anyway if you need a place to stay the night on your way through come on over. We are very conveniently located. And we don't mind if you just come for a short night. It would be fun just to see you all!