Monday, October 1, 2007

Where have I been?

Wheeew.... almost a whole week away from my blog! I must admit, life has been a little busy... but I HAVE had time to update. I suppose I have just chosen to spend my time doing other things. There has been a few things happen in my life these past couple of weeks, that has reminded me just how short life really is. It has caused me to examine just how much time I have been spending doing my "fun things" here on my computer... just a little more then I would like.

So, I have been enjoying taking a little bit of a vacation from blog land. I think I may spend a little less time keeping everyone updated on my family, and a little more time with my family. :) So, rather then trying to post every other day... I may go just a tad bit longer. Of course, this will be a struggle for me... because I do enjoy blogging. I have just come to appreciate those precious minutes with my family a little more.

Well, we had Shaela's shower this weekend. It was really great. A few friends came in from out of town for it. I was even fortunate enough to have a friend spend Friday night with us. We stayed up a little after midnight visiting, and getting caught up on each others lives. :) Having most of your friends live hours away is rough at times!

ALso- I applied a few weeks back to get my work accepted on and good news! I was accepted!! :) I was so thrilled, because trunkt is very specific on their style and they strive to feature the portfolios of the best artists rather then the most artists. :) You can view my portfolio here:

So, I suppose that is about the extent of the news...
OH- I am also offering a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE. :) Yep, not sure how long I will keep it going... so if you are considering purchasing a print, now is a great time! :)

I also JUST added this new print to the store this morning. :) It is titled "Roses Among Us" I hope you all enjoy it!



{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

What a precious print!!

I feel your struggle between real life and blog life. It's fun to post and share a lot, but it takes so much time that I often too find myself needing a step back. It's a hard thing to ballence out, but with me family always comes first.

well... I'm blabbering on... but I hope you are doing well!

art4friends said...

thanks for replying!! not a problem

yeh i dont really like how you list and things but i think its improving!!

well we shall see how it goes
thanks you for your kindness
your blog is lovely!
best of luck!

JanelleGee said...

I love that print.

I only do internet stuff at work, it helps me have a good balance... (Even though it isn't very balanced.)

But by the time I get home, I hate computers.