Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cotton Candy Promises- Now listed!

Hello all! As promised, I finally got around to listing the Cotton Candy Promises set. Whew... 6 in a set is a bit much to work with. :) Glad to finally have this done!

You can also buy them individually...

Also- Was taking a peek at a few of my favorite blogs, and noticed that my sponsor spotlight is running on modish today! Thanks so much jena!

I am going to sign off with a short post today, I need to get started on dinner before my husband withers away before my very eyes! :)


1 comment:

kapcity said...

I love this set more and more every time I see it. The type is fabulous..the colors are fabulous. I love it! Congrats :)
Hope everything is well with out outside of Vol25!