Monday, March 3, 2008

Help me decide!

Pretty please with sugar on top? I just added a new poll to the blog this morning. (top right sidebar) I have been planning to order some pinback buttons for quite a while now... and I think I just might end up doing it this time. But, which ones do I order first? I may order more then one set right off... but I suppose it depends on the results of the poll. So, you see... your vote counts! :)

To add just a little incentive to vote... if you post a little comment here after voting, I will add your name into a drawing to receive the first set of buttons, and a little something extra. I will draw a name from those posted here on the 10th when the poll closes. I wish you the best of luck!

Would you like to see them offered individually or in a set of say 3? I am leaning more towards a set of at least 3 coordinating buttons. Also, if you are a pin back button collector... feel free to let me know how you strut your buttons! :) Your scarf, a tote, or maybe on your purse? I am sure if I think about it the next couple of days, I can come up with some really neat ways of displaying these to be photographed for the listing. I look forward to doing that part! :)

Speaking of display ideas... Button Collective has a very clever (and stylish) way of showcasing your favorite pins. They are getting ready to celebrate their one year etsy anniversary, and are offering 40% off all their storyboards. Thats a killer of a deal. I may finally snatch up one of the smaller displays. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather here was super nice. We definately had a warmer one. Jaydon installed Trin's light and it looks really really cute. I am hoping to convince him to get ours up tonight... keep you fingers and toes crossed for me! :)


Jennalou said...

Just voted! I say packs of 3 or so. Then you can sorta mix and match for a different look.

Anonymous said...

I voted! I'd love to see the Love birds in packs of 3!