Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello Wednesday!

Wow... where did the weekend go? It seems as though it has been forever since I updated my blog. We took a trip to Eugene, OR for Easter. It was nice to get away for the weekend, and spend time with family and friends. The 5 hr. trip Friday night proved to be a little uncomfortable, but I think considering I managed. Our Avalanche has heated seats and full lumbar support, so that helped keep my pregnant self a little more comfortable. :) The trip home was fast, it rained a little... but for Easter sunday the traffic was great.

Slightly off topic, but Sharla from rarebirdfinds has written a review on vol25. It looks great, and I was so happy to see it today! :) Blog exposure of any kind is always exciting, especially when its a big one, I love to read... like rarebirdfinds.

Also, I have been working on that carnival themed series... still not 100 % done with these. I do still plan to make a few changes. The ferris wheel poster doesnt look just right to me yet, so some more work is needed. :) I thought you may enjoy a peek still. I am also still trying to think of a name for the series! I printed them out, and stuck them in these simple frames I have... after taking these pictures I realized they needed scooted over just a tad to the left, but rather then move them, I just decided to complete 2 more. :)

One of them is already finished and pictured below. I think it may be my favorite... the other is still very fresh in the works... but it will be coming! :) I intend to wait to list them until I have ALL of them completed. This way I will not waste time updating the listings when I complete a new set. After all, I am almost done! :)

Also- There is only 2 days left to take advantage of the 25% off sale. It will expire friday at midnight. As always thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a great weekend!



Tara said...

Did you see that one of your prints is in a treasury that's on the front page?


Laura said...

the new designs are lovely!

& i just saw your "make yourself comfortable" listed as a hand picked item on etsy's front page! yay!

jessilynn said...

Thanks so much for the heads up! That would explain the boost in my number of hearts! :)

JanelleGrace said...

I love these carnival ones!

(And I've been slacking on my photoblog but I started two others!)