Thursday, March 20, 2008

A few new works, and a great feature!

I have been working on a new series of prints... and it appears as though I have fallen in love with yet another color scheme... aqua and orange. It first started with this print... "to find the perfect chair"

and continued on with a remake of an older print "listen"

Both of these prints are inspired by actual older buildings around my small town here in washington... I do have a few more in mind to work with and add to this series... which by the way, does not have a name yet, something that really needs done!. All the prints in this series will all have two things in common, possibly three.... older buildings, color coordination, and they will all have a sprinkling of these same little black birds.

Also, in other great news... I want to say many many thanks to Anne of a thing of beauty for not only taking the time to write and feature so many etsy artists, but for also including me in the mix of so many talented artists! On monday she published her post titled "100 great etsy artists you might want to visit"

She had taken the time to contact all 100 etsy sellers, and tell them ahead of time about the feature... so I was REALLY looking forward to reading it. I appreciate all the hard work and time that went into this post.
Anda of etsy also gave the blog post even more coverage by writing about it in the etsy finds of the day column. I subscribed to the e-mail feed back in january after a customer told me my "love is magical" print had been featured.

Anne covered SO many new artists I had never heard of before... I knew there was talent on etsy, I just didnt know how much. Thank you Anne!

- upcoming project- A carnival themed series! I stumbled across a few images I had planned to work with last summer... and just forgot about. After seeing them, I have been trying to think of what colors I would use... and am having a hard time really nailing down any certain colors. I plan to due these in a vintage theme, with the scratches, textures and faded colors. I may try and tackle them after I finish a couple more in this current series. Would LOVE to hear your ideas and input on colors, etc. :)


JanelleGrace said...

I would love to see a carnival themed series! (I love carnivals/fairs/Coney Island.

It's nice to see some lesser known people getting featured as it always seemed to be the same people over and over again.

Now I am off to go debate with myself if I should buy some stuff that I don't need...

Anonymous said...

I received my buttons today! They are adorable! Thank you so much!