Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New product in the works!

Hi all! I have been super excited to get started working on a baby book using some of my more popular prints on vol.25. Today I finally started page one. It took me ALL morning to find a composition I thought worked with the popular "love you" print. It kept getting busy looking, and I decided keeping it simple really was best.

So, Vol.25 should have at least one baby book listed in the store by mid-march. After I get a little further into the project I should be able to give an exact date for release. I imagine the books to have laminated front and back covers, and spiral or comb bound. I think I prefer the comb binding, as you can add pages if needed.
I have SO many theme ideas I would love to try out in a baby book. Seeds of Freedom is also a very popular print, and I would love to incorporate that allium flower into a purple or even yellow baby book. I also have some carnival images I have been itching to work with. Wouldnt that make a super sweet book?
Anyhow, I started with this green themed book in hopes it will work for boy or girl. Since the gender of our baby will be a secret till he/she is born. :) I would love to have a girl themed book done by my due date, but just in case... this one should work.

On a different note, a customer of mine sent me these pictures. The prints look great framed and hung in their new home. It is always so exciting to see my art in their new enviroment. :) Thanks jill, they really do look great.

I also forgot to show you all this new original listed in my shop, titled "Lime Light". I also decided to offer it in a very small limited run of 25 prints. Hopefully this will allow a few more people the oppurtunity to own it.


JanelleGrace said...

Woo hoo! Your prints would make adorable baby books!

Got any names picked out? (Have I asked you this before? Anytime there is baby- I love hearing the planned names.)

Diva with the pliers said...

Jess, make sure you save a copy of your book for me! :) Barring breaking the bank, I just know I gotta have it when it comes out :)

xoxoxo SHEELA