Monday, January 28, 2008

Its still winter...

I am so ready for crisp spring mornings, the smell of the tulips, and getting to plant new seeds in my greenhouse. I can hardly wait for the feeling of the warm sun on my back. BUT, it appears spring is a looong way away. See what we woke up to yesterday morning? About 4" of snow. By the time the day was over, we probably had about 9". Oh and that is (as promised) a picture of our new to us 2002 chevy avalanche. Jaydon is trying to brush it off so we can make it to church. We ran into a slight problem, and ended up being a half hour late. See, the ice scraper was in the shed, and the snow was super deep at the door of the shed, and the snow shovel was somewhere in the yard covered in snow. :) So, we had to wait super long for the ice to thaw off the windshield... and it seemed to take forever. Anyhow, at least we made it! :)

We still had fun though, Jaydon, me, mom and dad pulled Trinity and Jada down town on 2 sleds. There were about 3 tractors around trying to plow the roads.

It was sunday, so our little town was pretty quiet. It definitely felt like a winter wonderland. A few of the local businesses had even closed for the day. Fortunately there was no wind, so it felt fairly good outside. It was still snowing on us, so it made taking pictures somewhat of a challenge... but it wasnt too bad. :)

We did a little walk around town and figured the girls probably needed to warm up. Even though they were not ready... A quick bribe of hot chocolate did the trick, and definitely helped make them a little more manageable!

Of course with that much snow, we had to make snow ice cream. I was able to whip up a batch in my new kitchen-aid. (Which btw was one of my christmas gifts from my husband! :) I was sooo surprised. Been wanting one before we even got married, but was determined to hold out until I could buy the super nice one, that will handle large batches of bread dough. It has a 7 quart bowl and I ssoooo love it!) I have to admit the second batch (chocolate) was so much better then the first. Which worked out quite nice since dad and Jaydon filled up on the first batch of vanilla! ;)

Well, I hope spring does in fact come soon... but I suppose I can try and enjoy the snow a little longer. :) This morning I was in for another surprise to see "my love" on etsy's homepage. It was a great collection of one of my favorite colors... green! Definitely a homepage I was proud to be a part of. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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JanelleGrace said...

How sweet.

Luckily (or maybe sadly) we haven't had any snow.

I can't wait for spring, or at least for it to warm up, so I can stop being lazy and take some photos.