Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is in a name?

Apparently quite a bit. In my last posting I mentioned a possible shift in direction for SparksFly. It has been decided, and the new shop is now registered, but currently empty. Thursday January 17th is the official Grand Opening, and I promise to not dissapoint... so the store will open with a few good offers that I hope will be too good to pass up. :)

I drove myself crazy, not to mention my mother and loving husband trying to come up with a name for the new store. A name means so much, it is after all, an immediate first impression. I think I stressed way to much over this, and caused myself some agonizing headaches before finally settling on vol.25. The name signifies chapter 25 in my life, the age I am when I officially and legally launch vol.25. I am excited to get everything rolling, but will miss the feedback/hearts I worked so hard to achieve. I remember being so thrilled to get my 100th heart, and even more thrilled when I received my 1,000th!

I am certainly nervous about possibly leaving behind so many wonderful customers, and hope that the move across the street in etsy land, will not be too great of a challenge. I promise that vol.25 will deliver the same great customer service you have come to expect from SparksFly. I appreciate each and every one of my customers, and value your opinions.

Yesterday I went to work designing the new packaging for vol.25. I was so excited to get a new look going. I tried to still keep some of the same elements from SparksFly (hence the woodgrain) but changed it up just enough that I feel it is fresh and new.

I also "finally" began work on the shop by size section of the store. You can now easily purchase an 11x14 sized print without having to contact me for a reserved listing. The 8x10 will also be listed in that same section, to make things easier. I have had this section listed in SparksFly empty now... for about 2 months. It feels so nice to finally "deliver" and have it ready to be added this thursday!

In addition to the "shop by size" I also have my first print set ready to be listed thursday as well. This section has also sat empty for a couple months, and will now be available! :) Instead of buying 2 prints at $20.00 a piece, you will be able to buy the two matching prints for $35.00 and pocket the extra $5.00. I hope it will simplify things for a potential customer.

I hope the new year has brought in a fresh new start for you as well. I don't have any huge resolutions to try and stick with this year. If I had to choose one, it would definitly be to stay a little more organized! It seems I can never stay organized long enough to... well... STAY organized. :) Good intentions are certainly there though!

Well, I must be going.... life calls... but I will be back thursday for an update with the new shop! :) Please leave me your comments, I would LOVE to hear your opinion on the new movement.


{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

I love your new look! I wish I was talented enough to do work like that!! I like how you brought some old elements over so we can still tell it's you, but a new, fresh you.

I look forward to seeing the goods for the new shop :D

JanelleGrace said...

Great for you!

I always have the hardest time coming up with names (and titles for paintings) and I really like the vol.25 thing.

I was thinking about setting up an online store for my photography and art again. But then I think I just might be too lazy.

jessilynn said...

thanks so much ladies!

jennalou- I wish I was talented enough to create some of the beautiful things you do... I cant even sew. :)

janelle- YOU SHOULD! Its super easy, and I think you would do great. Did you have an etsy store at one time?

JanelleGrace said...

I had an Etsy store but I don't think it was right for me. Maybe if I had my photographs but with just my art, it didn't do so well.

First I gotta focus on getting my new apartment set up. :)