Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finally-the big news

Well, I am officially 3 mos. pregnant now! Baby #2 is on its way. I wanted to finally share the news with all of you, it has been hard wanting to go anywhere near the computer. Morning sickness, has definitely been a little more often this time around then with trin. But, we are thrilled. :) So, now you all know why I have been so slack in keeping up with my blog. I have been feeling better lately, so hopefully I will get better about it! :)

Yesterday was a nice surprise, to find "Roses Among Us" on the homepage. I was thrilled actually, since the new store just opened... some extra exposure was certainly needed. :) It led to a sale, and another amazing oppurtunity! I will be sure and fill you in when it gets a little closer, and I get a little more information. It promises to bring alot of exposure to vol.25!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We did, it was windy with a sprinkling of snow. I am so ready for spring. I really am not a winter person.


{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

oh wow! Congratulations on the wee one!!! That's so exciting :D

JanelleGrace said...


Got any names planned out yet? :)

kapcity said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting :)
Best of luck with a smooth pregnancy.