Monday, October 29, 2007

"Tunes" in 3 new colors!

So, I have finally gotten around to offering "Tunes" in a few new colors. BUT, It is still possible to have me customize the 2 colors for you. But, I know there are alot of people out there, that do want to take the time to send me a conversation asking me to customize a piece (I really dont bite I promise! :) So, I am going to try and get around to eventually offering it in the store showing several different colors. I know that nobody likes to decorate exactly like the Robinson's next door! :)

So, anyhow... new colors (in addition to these) will be arriving sometime... hopefully soon. :D

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the christmas postcards. It really makes me happy! :) I am going to try and list them in several different quantities to allow each person to get just the right amount they need. I am debating on offering envelopes with them? I Would love any feedback on this though... Maybe I could offer some with, and some without?

{btw- Jenna, this is not the post I was referring to... that one is going to take me some time to prepare!}


Jennalou said...

It's seriously cool that you offer your prints in custom colors. I've never seen anyone do that before, but it's super helpful for people who need everything to be somewhat matchy... hahha {me}.

I'm not sure if I'd offer envelopes or not. They would add a lot more to your costs, but on the other had for people who want to send pictures/or like to keep their mail private, I've found it's super hard to find an envelope that works with post cards... that's just me though.

Hope you have a lovely day :D

JanelleGee said...

I love the aqua and grey one. :)