Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Romeo and Juliet"

"Love was never promised to be easy." So true as in Romeo and Juliet's case. These two have similar issues... lets just say family reunions dont go over so well. However, these two pull through the hard times and are still together to enjoy the good times.

I think this print is a reminder, that every relationship will endure they're storms... but that the calm after the storm is so much worth sticking it out together! :)

Well, I had SUCH a hard time trying to decide which variation of this print to list on etsy. SO, I finally decided to offer all three. :) Now, the choice is up to you! I hope you enjoy them all!

Well, today it has been windy and rainy! We rarely get rain, so when we do... I generally do enjoy it. So long as it doesnt last longer then 2 days. :) Our front yard is COVERED in leaves! It is amazing what a little wind can do for one's yard. Between the yucky black walnuts, and the leaves.... Jaydon has been busy! I really should help him a little. Maybe today Trin and I will go outside and rake some of them up for him. Well, it is the thought that counts right? And I mean I did *think* of doing it. I am sure he will appreciate that just the same! ;)


belleandboo said...

oh I love your new print, my favourite is the first fish, beautiful use of colour
Mandy :)

Ivy Arts said...

I like #3, something about the yellow is really nice. It's a great sentiment too.