Saturday, August 11, 2007


I really enjoyed working on this illustration, it brought back a TON of memories from childhood. I can still remember being excited to see a dandelion waiting to be picked. Working on this reminded me of how much joy the simple pleasures of life can bring you. Toddler to adult, regardless of age. I think we just need to reminded a little more as adults. I know I do. :)

I also began work on this new series yesterday, I havent decided what to call it yet... I have my first illustration in the series just about finished though, so I better decide quick! :)

chic and classy portraits
divine classy ladies
Any suggestions?? Surely any would be better then what I just suggested! :D


Mrs.Martin said...


I love your blog and your fresh art work. I enjoyed seeing your greenhouse and your sweet daughter too. Time flies, I can't believe you have a daughter that age. I love the trees in Oklahoma too, and that is about it, when it compares to the Northwest territory. However, the brethren make up for the humidity. The dandelion art work is really good. I love art and I will be checking in often to see what is up.

Tara said...

You know I love Wishful. :) So glad you drew it.

How about "Modern Silhouettes" as a title?

Trina said...

All of your artwork is really neat and very original. What a great idea to showcase it on here. I am loving that everyone has these great blogs to begin to get to know each other better. Stop by anytime!!

jessilynn said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. :) mrs. martin- Sometimes I cant believe I have daughter that age already! :)

I have your blogs all bookmarked, I look forard to stopping in. :D

tara- I took you up on your idea, and titled the series "Modern Silhouettes" Thanks!

jessilynn said...

Trina- Thanks so much! I am also really enjoying everyones blogs! :)