Thursday, August 9, 2007

I love T.J. Maxx

I love Ross and T.J. Maxx. It is almost impossible to not find at least one steal of a deal when you visit.... which actually may not be a good thing. :)

Today mom and I made our bi-weekly grocery trip to Tri-Cities. Of course, you cant drive all the way to Tri-Cities and come back with "only" groceries!

So, a quick (yeah right) trip into T.J. Maxx resulted in this purchase. I LOVE the woodgrain modern look of the frame, and loved that It had been marked down not once, but twice! :) I think it will look great in my living room, with my ever growing collection of art. When I get it up, I will be sure and post a picture. :)


cArOl said...

Yay! T.J.Maxx! ( and Target, Childrens place, Pier1...)Lol. that is a nice picture frame.

marykathryn said...

Hey Jessica!!
I didn't know you had a blog!! So great that we can check in on each other now, I love that about the blogging world!!
I also LOVE T.J. Maxx...I go school shopping in Spokane and that store is always on my list!! Cutie pic frame, and I love your art..You are soo talented!!
BTW.. I added you to my Bloggy friends as well!!

jessilynn said...

oh yes, cant forget Target... Although, I always leave that store spending more then I had intended to. :)

Thanks for adding me Mary! I was shocked yesterday to find everyone else through Jalea's blog! Should be fun keeping in contact a little more often. :)