Friday, August 24, 2007

Nice Matters Award! :)

Mary was super sweet and presented me with this little award. It was very touching. :) Thanks Mary.

I hear this award represents someone who tries to spread nice, inspirational posts throughout the blogging world.

So, I have prepared a speech... :)

*clears throat and nervously stands up straighter*

"First off I would like to thank Mary for choosing me to receive this award. I feel they're are plenty of other people who deserve this award more so then me. Second, my parents for raising me to have a soft heart. My sister who constantly tried my "niceness" and made me the super nice person I am today. I also couldnt possibly forget that geeky boy I "dated" in 5th grade. He taught me a valuable lesson... dont go out with a boy just because you dont want to hurt his feelings. You always end up being the opposite of "nice" when you break up anyway. :D"

Really though, thanks mary! It was uber sweet of you to think of me. So, now I am supposed to pass the torch so to speek. I am off to award a couple ladies myself.

Tara Her blogging posts, have really been an inspiration to me. She reminds me of the small things in life that truly do matter. :)

Shannon Since she joined etsy a short time after me, we have helped each other learn the ropes. I have enjoyed her blog, and it has helped keep the distance between us from seeming... well... far away. :)

Dont forget to post the award on your blog ladies. :)


Trina said...

I am so glad that you got this award too! No surprise though. Your blog is very upbeat and the artwork is inspirational! Congratulaions!

Tara said...


Thank you!!! I've never gotten a blog award before!

Luminescence said...

You are to sweet! Thank you Jess. Ever since I got married, it seems that we have drifted apart. Etsy and the blogs have brought us back together. I'm so glad you opened this door for me and us. Love ya like a sis! :)