Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fall is on its way...

The above picture is the "after" pleeease keep in mind, that this was no way near what it looked like before I organized! I filled two garbage bags with clothes to be donated. So, please do not think I am a super organized freak. :)
I think my urge to declutter has been brought on by the chillier evenings. Fall is coming, and with that the new fall fashions. I need to make room for all those new spiffy styles! Besides, when it comes to the point that I dread getting completely get caught up on my laundry, because I have no empty hangers, or lack of hanging space... its time to do something about it!
So, today I am going to get caught up on my laundry! :) Fortunately we still have a very small family, so keeping up with the laundry is somewhat of an easy task. I also have a little girl that hates to get dirty, and that definitly helps me out some!

Speaking of fall fashions... I can't help but wonder what colors will be in. I did a little digging, and found this on EZINE:
"The summer colors tended toward fun and bright turquoises, pinks, and greens. We are going to warm things up and tone down a bit with the fall selection. No matter what color names the designers give them, the trend this year is very much in the gold tones. Burgandy, rust, wine, camel, and dark chocolate brown.

However the two hot colors for fall are purple and green. The green is a continuation of the summer, but warmed up a bit with burnt olives, celeries, and a darker celadon. We expect green to be around for another season or so. The trend color of the season is purple and the warmer the purple the better."

I love green, and purple and green together sounds like an interesting color combo. One I wouldnt think to put together! But, am now excited to try. I think it has inspired me to try the colors on a new illustration. :)

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{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

I'm jealous of your closet. Mine used to be so clean, organized and even a bit pretty... but then I met John. He insists that clothes should be off hangers in baskets all over the floor.... Now I want my clean closet back... maybe in the new house I can enforce new rules.