Sunday, February 11, 2007

today...she finally found it. :) The abundance of dew that had been collecting on our windows, Since getting our natural gas fireplace. I was so surprised I had been able to avoid the wet hand painting on my windows for 2 weeks now! But today she called me into the living room with that tone meaning she was doing something cute and wanted recognition... I walked into the living room tho, and couldn't find her. Then I noticed the curtain moving behind the couch. When I found her she was smearing her hands all over the window. When she seen me she giggled pointed outside and said "quirrels...wher'ed they go?" Of course I have still been seeing them. (the other day they had found our bucket full of walnuts we had collected. Needless to say they were helping themselves!) But not nearly as many as normal. the lighting was soo perfect that before I knew it I had taken 30 pictures of her playing in the window. :) And To my relief, our dehumidifier came FedEx a few hours later. :) bye bye wet windows!

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