Saturday, February 3, 2007

So today, was somewhat of a quiet relaxing saturday. These days tend to make you reflect on things. Today it was my late Mustang. It seems only appropriate to give him (yes it was a him) a place on this blog. 6 years ago last August, I fell in love with this little mustang. Of course at the time I was only 19. So, as many 19 year olds do... I treated that car like my own flesh and blood... (shh sometimes better) Over the last 6 years I had sunk thousands of dollars into modifications cosmetically and mechanically. flowmaster mufflers, h-pipe, K&N, headers, a new top, cervini's stalker front bumper, cobra spoiler, ROH rims, of course a sound system... a new transmission. not to mention all the blood and sweat it took to keep it looking professionally detailed at all times. Its weird how much a car can become your identity. So when Jaydon and I decided to move out of our single wide trailer, we decided we would have to sell the car to help come up with the closing costs, down payment. We reluctantly decided we couldn't live in the car... and agreed to sell it. Well the perfect buyer called us from montanna last month. He had seen it advertised and was very interested. He brought a trailer all the way from Montanna a week later and loaded him up. It was a very sad day. I felt like I was giving away one of my children. Stupid, I know. But, aside from the perfect for us home we are living in, I got a new Sony A-100 digital camera out of the deal. I have been trying to slowly figure it out, and broaden my photography skills. I also have a Canon i-9900 due to arrive UPS the 8th of this month. So, I can finally take my love of photography one step further. Although I look at these pictures and its hard to not be saddened, so many good memories were created with that mustang... but I have to remind myself that now I can preserve memories to come, and have a little more fun with it.

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