Friday, March 14, 2008

25% off discount now active

I am going to leave you with one more post before signing off. This offer was just posted today on decor8! vol25 is now offering a 25% discount off your order total. The discount does not including shipping, and EXCLUDES print sets.

To get the discount, simply add the code decor8 in the message to seller upon checkout, and wait to pay. I will e-mail you a revised invoice through paypal reflecting the discounted price. The offer will expire 3/21/08. If you are new to etsy and have ANY questions at all about the buying process, feel free to send me a convo. I will not bite.... I promise. :)

Advertising on decor8 has been my first advertising venture. Creating my very first ad banner was a learning experience, and I was so proud to finally teach myself... well, I almost taught myself. The internet has SO many tutorials, it makes teaching yourself how to do something SO easy. I definately take it for granted...

Happy Shopping, and have a great weekend! :)



JanelleGrace said...

If I wasn't so poor and putting food on my credit card, I would so buy one. So when I get rich and famous, I will buy all of your prints.

Good luck with the discount days!

Paper Girl Productions said...

your blog is beautiful!