Tuesday, August 21, 2007

project 365

project365- One photo a day for an entire year.

I seen this flickr group yesterday, and was so excited to follow along. :) I enlisted the help of shannon, and hopefully we will keep each other motivated to stick with it. It would be so neat at the end of the year to print out 365 thumbnail sized pictures representing each day of my life. Of course, I am sure I will have days where the last thing I want to do is take a picture... I guess we will see. My hopes is that by posting about here, you can help me stick with it as well! :) I plan to blog about my favorite photo/day of the week, every week... on monday. So, you should know if I am slacking.... ;)

I have been a big fan of the 365 group where you take a self portait of you for every day of the year... but there is no way I could do that. :) So, when I seen this group... it seemed perfect!

This picture is day 1 August 20th 2007.


{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

oh... I'm going to join... ummm soon :D I too couldn't do the 365 self portrait group... but this is more reasonable :D Now if only my computer would be nice and allow me to use photoshop so I can crop my shitty pics.

Luminescence said...

I will be watching you!! :) I will try and do the same on my blog. So every monday we can check up in each other! :))