Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome baby Shandi!

Last night I got a new niece, and became a cousin at the same time. :) It is pretty funny, because my first cousin... ended up marrying my brother in law. So I am double related! My new little niece, "Shandi" is adorable. Weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz, and 19" long. Brandon and Tamara are living in California, so I haven't got to meet her yet. We are planning a trip that way in October, so we will have to wait to see her till then. I am sure my aunt will keep us stocked up with new recent pictures. :)
I took 2,000 digital pictures of our little girl within her first year of life. With the next one, I am sure I will double that... since I am sporting a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) instead of a little point and shoot. :) Seeing the pictures of Shandi is giving me the new baby bug...
On that note... Trin is *almost* potty trained. It is the absolute weirdest thing, I thought after we were all through with this cold flu junk, I would crack down on her... and dedicate "myself" to potty training her. Well, her second day being sick she came and told me she needed to go 6 times that day!? I felt so bad for her, but she was inisisting! :) I think because she wasnt playing like she normally does, she was alot more aware of it. PLUS, she seen the pictures of Haylie going potty on Mary's blog... and that definitly sparked a chord with her. :) So, thank you Mary!!
Well, I am still coughing and feeling lowsy. I cant believe how long this stuff hangs on.... I think I am going to crawl back into bed. It sounds really goooood. :)
Welcome to the world baby Shandi! :)


BeckyKay said...

Congrats! I got a new nephew last night (8/16)!

Your niece is adorable!

BeckyKay said...

Have you spent a fortune on your niece yet? :)

I just posted a pic of my nephew on my blog.

cArOl said...

Another little Rose! :) I think she even looks like Trinity did when she was first born. She's so cute!

Brandi said...

congrats to you and your family!! that is such a sweet little blessing. i love babies!!

i'm very much a proud auntie of a bright, smart, sassy little 16 month old girl and my sister's pregnant again. so exciting.

p.s. thanks for your kind words about the showcase slot! i hope you have many sales on your showcase day!